About Spring Creek Quail Farms

Small but mighty, just like our eggs.

Spring Creek is a family-owned farm in Saint Anns, Ontario — where the quail are well-cared for and the eggs are as fresh as can be! We're dedicated to bringing fresh quail eggs from our farm to your table in a way that we can all feel good about. We sleep well at night and you should too.

Spring Creek quail eggs are available at grocery stores across Canada and the United States.

About Spring Creek Farms

Our commitment to stewardship.

As conscious stewards of our planet, we consider how our work impacts people, animals and the environment, and we put them first. Always. We want to preserve our planet for future generations. Regardless of how much we grow, we will always run our farm in a way that minimizes its impact on our environment.

Comfortable Environment

Forget the smelly hay… our ladies walk on softwood chips, similar to the ones we use on our kids’ playgrounds, and have plenty of room to roam.

Zero-Waste Facility

We use 100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials and all of our organic waste is used as compost to grow organic vegetables at a nearby farm.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our cheerful chicks breathe fresh air and never receive antibiotics or hormones. You can trust the Spring Creek label, knowing that you’re getting completely natural eggs.

Meet our team

  • Aaron Oosterhoff

    Owner & CEO

  • Derrick Bergsma

    Office Manager

  • Gerardo Rosales

    Farm Manager

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