Try quail eggs!

Essayez les oeufs de caille!

Spring Creek’s quail eggs are a healthy and delicious alternative you’ll love!


Unbelievably delicious

Move over, bland eggs! With large, thick yolks, their texture is creamy and rich, no matter how you cook them — sunny-side up, over-easy, boiled, poached, scrambled or baked into your favourite recipe!

Naturally nutritious

Foodies and health-conscious eaters agree — quail eggs are good for you! They’re naturally rich in healthy fat and loaded with nutrients.

Actually affordable

These small, speckled cuties may look exotic, but that doesn’t mean they come with a premium price tag! Spring Creek quail eggs are an affordable — and adorable — addition to your weekly grocery list.

Available in thousands of local stores across Canada…


Elevate your dishes with quail eggs!

Our quail aren’t keen on flying, but their eggs are sure to take your meals to new heights. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Scrambled Quail Eggs

Soft and buttery or firm and chunky, there’s no right or wrong way to prepare scrambled quail eggs. But we do have a few pointers.
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Breakfast / Lunch

Avocado Toast With Quail Eggs

Avocado toast: the Instagrammable marvel. It may be synonymous with millennials, but there’s a reason this open-faced sandwich has taken the world by storm.
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Quail eggs in carton

Farm-fresh guarantee

Fresh eggs. Guaranteed.

Expect fresh eggs every time! Each egg is carefully inspected before going into an eco-friendly container and shipped from our farm to your local store. If your pack isn’t fresh, we’ll make it right!

The Spring Creek Difference

Eggs you can always feel good about. 

With Spring Creek, you don’t have to pay more to get peace of mind. Our eggs come from a Humane-Certified farm and are free from yucky antibiotics or hormones. They are also Keto-friendly and Kosher.

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Rave Reviews

Quail egg fans speak out!

"I love quail eggs"
— Vicki T.
"They are visually stunning. A new angle on eggs. A great string to have in your bow."
— Andrew C.
"Their cuteness never gets old 🙌"
— megbetweenlakes

In the news

Our tiny eggs are making a big splash!


Quail Eggs 101

Everything you’re dying to know about quail eggs… and more!

You’ve got burning questions; we’ve got answers! The eggs-perts at Spring Creek have searched high and low for helpful tips and how-to articles about quail eggs — just for you.
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About Spring Creek Quail Farms

Small but mighty, just like our eggs

Spring Creek is a family-owned quail farm located in Saint Anns, Ontario. Founded in 2002, our small but mighty farm has grown to become one of the largest producers of quail eggs in North America, selling millions of eggs each week.

As conscious stewards of our planet, we consider how our work impacts people, animals and the environment, and we put them first. Always. Our all-natural eggs are laid by healthy and happy quail at our zero-waste facility, with no antibiotics or hormones.

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Attention Retailers

Want to join our flock?

Whether you’re looking to carry, distribute or somehow partner with our farms, give us a shout, we’d love to work with you. And don’t forget to ask us about private labeling opportunities!

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