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How is Spring Creek Battling Egg-flation?

We’re keeping quail egg prices stable from our farm to your table…

Anyone who had to suffer through economics in school knows supply and demand determine the price of a product. That is why we’re feeling the pain of double-digit inflation every time we go to the grocery store (ouch!).

The skyrocketing price of chicken eggs even has a name…”egg-flation.”

When it comes to chicken eggs, why has the price for a dozen more than doubled in some areas since last year? And why are some stores out of this popular staple?

Blame it on the bird flu. 

Over 57 million hens have been infected with this deadly virus or culled to stop the spread. That means 57 million fewer eggs each day. No wonder retailers are having a hard time stocking their shelves!  

But scarcity is only part of the equation. 

Feed, energy, and shipping costs are higher than ever. Egg producers are cracking under pressure to increase prices just to keep up with inflation and break even.

How Spring Creek is battling egg-flation…

For the most part, Spring Creek has always been a “farm-to-retail” operation. That gives us more control over our distribution costs than a producer who sells to an intermediary. Every time an egg changes hands, a percentage is added to the price, so everyone makes a small profit.

We take our cute little quail eggs and package them right at the farm… then send them to the grocery store using distributors who share our desire to keep costs down. (Some have to take the bus to save on costs… Just kidding!).

The pressure from inflation to raise prices created quite a flap in the henhouse, but we decided not to let this pressure ruffle our feathers. 

Instead, we looked internally to find efficiencies to keep our prices stable… like negotiating with our suppliers to keep cost increases down and not passing them off to our customers.

Ounce for ounce, Spring Creek quail eggs are an affordable source of protein.

A typical quail egg has over one gram of protein… not to mention all the other nutrients and health benefits of these little speckled powerhouses! 

And with a pack of 18 quail eggs costing between three and five dollars, quail eggs are an affordable and delicious way to stay healthy.

We are proud to say our eggs have only increased modestly in the last few years. 

And when you stop to consider how versatile quail eggs are, they really are a superfood. I dare you to make our Lemon Meringue Bars or Peppermint One-Bite Brownies from a porterhouse or chicken breast!

Providing an affordable alternative to chicken eggs is our mission.

Our mission is to spread the word about quail eggs so that more people can enjoy a delicious, nutritious, affordable alternative.. 

And we’re willing to do what it takes — even absorbing some of the costs that have resulted from inflation — to make it easier for you to crack a new egg!  

So what are you waiting for? Check out our store locator to find a retailer near you.

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