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How to Meal Plan with Quail Eggs

Five ideas for how to use quail eggs in your next meal!

Quail eggs are small, speckled and delicious — their size is part of their charm.

Whether you bought them as something new to try or are a seasoned quail egg lover, there are some basic guidelines for using them in your meals.

Get all the info and become a qualified quail egg-spert with our tips!

Why use quail eggs?

If you haven’t heard yet, quail eggs are just a flexible as chicken eggs and can be substituted any time a recipe calls for chicken eggs.

Due to their smaller size, quail eggs have a lower white-to-yolk ratio. With more yolk to savour, your dishes will get a creamier, richer taste. (They’ll also be more nutritious — see our post on health benefits to find out why!)

Remember that any time you use quail eggs as an alternative ingredient to regular eggs, you should use three of them instead of one standard chicken egg

Next time you’re planning your meals, give quail eggs a try!

Five ways to use quail eggs? Quail egg meal ideas

Quail eggs are such a flexible ingredient that you can use them in a variety of ways — nearly every day!

Here are five of our top ways to use quail eggs in your meals:

  1. Replace your chicken eggs with quail eggs. — As we mentioned above, you can use quail eggs anytime you would use chicken eggs, whether you’re frying, scrambling, poaching or boiling them. You can even use them raw in smoothies!

  2. Hard boil them for snacks or for salads. — Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for a midday snack or as a garnish for salads. You can boil them yourself or buy our pre-cooked boiled and peeled ones that are ready to eat. Our top salads for quail eggs? Chopped up in a mouthwatering Cobb salad or on top of a crunchy harvest kale salad!

  3. Fry them sunny-side-up and use them to top appetizers. — Frying quail eggs is a super quick and easy way to prepare quail eggs. The cooking time is shorter than with chicken eggs, so you can have them ready in a jiffy! Next time you have a family barbecue, throw some fried quail eggs on hot dogs or burgers. Or if you’d like to try something new, try them our chilaquiles recipe!

  4. Add some cuteness and charm to your meals. — Many high-end chefs incorporate quail eggs into their restaurant menus, using them not only for their taste but also for their "cuteness.” They make a great addition to so many meals and can be a great conversation starter for your next dinner party.

  5. Give them to your kids! — If you’ve got a family to feed, the small size of quail eggs means they’re perfect for those of a smaller size — kids! Their extensive nutritional qualities make them a healthy choice. And when you serve them, you might just get some squeals of delight — their small size and pretty shells make them a real winner with kids.

Give quail eggs a try next time you cook!

The flexibility of quail eggs makes them so easy to use in your everyday cooking. If you find your mind is spinning with possibilities, browse our recipes at the Spring Creek Kitchen and start putting your ideas to action!

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