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How Your Eggs Get From Our Farm to Your Table

Every single day our little eggs go on a big journey!

When you’re having quail eggs and bacon for breakfast or popping a hard-boiled quail egg into your mouth for a quick snack, do you ever wonder where they came from?

People are becoming more curious about their food. 

Instead of just going to the supermarket, loading their basket and taking it home, they care about things like freshness, sustainability and the health and happiness of the animals who feed them.

Here’s a brief look at your egg’s journey — from our farm to your table!

Before we get crackin’ here’s the scoop on our ‘girls’...

Our quail are known as Coturnix japonica, or Japanese Quail — a strong and disease-resistant breed that eliminates the need to vaccinate our eggs as embryos or use antibiotics in their feed.

Spring Creek Farms is a bit like Club Med for quail — they have ample space to run around, plenty of fresh air, clean water, and a temperature-controlled environment. We even provide them with special lighting that mimics the natural cycle of the sun. No wonder our birds are so healthy and happy!

At Spring Creek we do all the breeding, incubating and hatching right at the farm — and we take great care when tending our chicks because we know high-quality hens produce the best-tasting eggs.

So, how do these great-tasting eggs get from our farm to your table?

What happens at the farm...

Because quail are a tasty treat for many predators — as well as being a tropical bird ill-equipped to handle cold Canadian winters — our quail are kept indoors where they are safe and comfortable.

One quail is capable of laying over 300 eggs each year. And given the number of quail we have, that’s a lot of eggs! 

We grade the eggs by hand, looking for cracks, dirt and checking for variations in size to make sure our eggs are of a consistently high quality.

After they’re carefully hand-graded and cleaned, we pack them into cartons and place them in a special cooler, all ready for shipping!

And they’re on their way...

Each day, after they’ve been gathered, graded and packed, we put our eggs into climate-controlled trucks and trailers and send them off to locations across North America.

This is how we keep the stores stocked with the freshest eggs possible (unlike chicken eggs, which could be up to eight weeks old by the time they reach your supermarket).

Pick them up at your local supermarket...

Because they’re delicious and packed with nutrients, quail eggs have grown in popularity and can be found in many locations. 

Use our store finder tool to find the store closest to you.

On your table...

Once you get them home there are all sorts of ways you can enjoy them — fried, boiled, poached or baked into a decadent dessert.

Check out our recipe library for inspiration, or create your own eggstravagant masterpieces!

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