quail eggs in salad
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Quail Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

How are they different?

For reasons unknown to the crew here at Spring Creek Quail Farms, one of the most searched-for questions about quail eggs is how they’re different from chicken eggs.

So what are the differences, outside of the fact that quail eggs are gosh-darn cuter and more speckly?

Well, sit right down and we’ll tell you. No need to egg us on!

Size & appearance: Cute, speckled, tiny… but mighty!

These cute speckled eggs pack a huge punch taste-wise and that uber-adorable exterior hides some serious nutritional muscle underneath.

However… you’ll notice that quail eggs are small. About three quail eggs are equivalent to a single chicken egg. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t a good choice. You can eat them in a single bite (so no runny yolk going all over the place) and you have a lot more flexibility with what you choose to make with them.

But mighty? Why mighty?

As you’ll see, their nutritional value is where the might comes in. More on that below.

quail eggs in salad

Taste: Rich, creamy and lots of yolk!

We’ve waxed long (and quite lyrically!) about the incredible flavour and textural qualities of the humble quail egg.

And we’ll keep telling you to go try them yourself to find out how they actually taste!

But what makes them taste different from chicken eggs? Many describe the flavours as similar, but there are some key differences.

“Creaminess” or “richness” are the terms we’ve found most commonly used to describe our fave eggs.

A high yolk-to-white ratio (didn’t think you’d be reading a term like that when you rolled out of bed today did you!?) means they’ve got lotsa yolk and little white.

Loads of healthy fat means you get a rich, creamy, maybe even jammy (depending on your prep method) egg that’s ready to please you and whoever you choose to share the incredible quail egg with.

Now, wipe that drool off the keyboard and keep reading.

quail eggs in creamy soup

Nutrition: These little cuties are good for you, too.

Are quail eggs bad for you? Are they unhealthy? Are they worse for you than chicken eggs?

So many questions. And the answer to all of them is… no! 

Quail eggs are good for you, there’s no doubt about it. Some folks have even labelled them a “superfood.” Quail eggs boost our immunity, support our respiratory system, promote healthy skin, improve sexual health, eyesight and more!

How exactly can so much goodness fit into a tiny egg? It’s a mystery! But we do know this: they’re naturally rich in vitamin A, D, B12, selenium, riboflavin, choline, iron and protein. More on all that goodness here.

There’s even a bunch of quail egg myths floating around out there in the ether, which we handily put to the test, myth-busters style! (Maybe we should call it myth-cracking?)

spicy torta

Cooking: The best way to enjoy your cute new eggs.

Now, the most important part, which combines their size, taste and nutrition into one awesome experience… cooking!

Quail eggs are simple to cook with, whether you’re boiling, frying, poaching or eating them pickled!

It’s why we have a recipe library that we add new recipes to every few months. Their small size makes them versatile, and perfect for smaller-serving dishes like appetizers (ltry bite-sized quail eggs benedict or these quick and easy pickled quail egg hor d’oeuvres).

It’s also why we sell them not only as fresh eggs but also as pickled eggs… no need to pickle them yourself!

Are you still reading this? Go find a store and try them yourself!

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