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Are Quail Eggs a Superfood?

They’re super cute, but can they be healthy too?

How many times have you walked by the dairy case and stopped in front of the quail eggs to marvel at their cute little speckled shells… but for some reason, it’s the same old chicken eggs that get added to your shopping cart.

We get it. Chicken eggs are boring, and you know what you’re getting. Quail eggs? If you don’t know about them, you have no idea how delicious they are. 

Many people believe quail eggs are a superfood… so be prepared to be enlightened!

Gram for gram, quail eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs

It’s hard to believe that something as adorable as a quail egg could be a nutrient-dense powerhouse… but it’s true!  

It turns out these cuties are packing some pretty impressive yolks… which is where you’ll find most of an egg’s nutrients. Quail eggs have double the iron and riboflavin and close to one-third more vitamin B12 than chicken eggs.

They also contain more fat and protein by weight, with fewer calories. A single quail egg has one gram of protein, one gram of fat and zero carbs — and only 14 calories. So in the nutritional arena, it’s quail eggs for the win!

If you’re a detail junkie, you can get more information on our blog post The Health Benefits of Quail Eggs.

You are what you eat

You can only be as healthy as your food, which is another reason quail eggs are so darn good for you — especially the eggs from Spring Creek!

You see, we give our girls a healthy start. They grow up in a comfy environment where they feast on a delicious and nutritious grain mix from local farmers, drink double-filtered water and breathe fresh air. Our farm is like a country club for baby quail!

And because they eat so well — and never receive antibiotics or hormones — when they become layers and move into more secure quarters, their yolks are deep orange and packed with rich, creamy flavour.

But… what do I do with quail eggs? 

Quail eggs look like an exotic little delicacy but are as versatile as chicken eggs. You can hard-boil them, fry them, scramble them, poach and pickle them, bake them, take them on holiday, or eat them in a box. 

There are many ways to cook and bake with quail eggs… just check out our recipe section for some mouth-watering inspiration!

An affordable, adorable option

In recent years quail eggs have become more popular than ever, which makes them more affordable and easier to find. 

They’ve always been a staple in many Asian households, but because of their wonderful, creamy deliciousness and amazing health benefits, foodies and others looking to jazz up their diets have embraced them too.

And the price of chicken eggs has skyrocketed in the past few years… making quail eggs an affordable option for health-conscious shoppers.

Warning: you can never go back! 

Once you’ve tried quail eggs, it’ll be hard to go back to eating regular ol’ chicken eggs… and the good news is, you don’t have to! Quail eggs are available at most major grocery stores in Canada, including Sobey’s, Farm Boy, T&T and Costco, so picking some up on your weekly shopping trip is easy.

You can also find them in the United States! 

So, it’s time to crack a new egg… and reap all the health benefits.

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