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How to Cook Quail Eggs

Five ways to cook these little cuties in style!

You know the feeling. You’re excited to try a new recipe, but you’ve never made it before. How the heck do you start?

Quail eggs are cute lil’ thangs, but for the uninitiated, they can be intimidating.

Never fear! Spring Creek is here… to calm your anxiety and show you how to cook these cuties. And cook them in style.

kimchi toast with quail eggs

Five Ways to Cook Quail Eggs

You may be one of the few lucky people who have never had quail eggs before. We say “lucky” because they’re about to blow your mind!

(Wait! Are you wondering how to boil, peel and crack quail eggs first? Take a gander at these painstakingly detailed step-by-step instructions. Alright… back to cooking!)

Here are five ways to cook (or bake!) quail eggs, with some recipe inspiration to go along with them.

quinoa bowl with quail eggs

1. Sunny-side up, over-easy, over-hard… however you like to fry ‘em!

If we had to choose the classic, easiest way to prepare eggs, it’d probably be good ol’ fashioned frying.

Crack ‘em onto a hot, buttered pan (or oil if that’s your thing) and watch ‘em sizzle till they’re just the right amount of runny and white. You know what you’re after.

Now, quail eggs can post a challenge for newbies. They’re smaller than their chicken counterparts and you’re better off sawing or cutting a quail egg’s shell than you are cracking it on a hard surface or edge.

Instructions on cracking are detailed here. Once they’re in the pan though, a few recipes that are perfect for your freshly fried yummies.

kale salad with quail eggs

2. Hard or soft-boiled (perfect for salads… seriously!)

Okay, we’ve changed our minds. This is probably the classic, easiest way to prepare eggs. Ah, fine. It’s a tie with frying.

Whether you’re a soft, runny, jammy yolk kinda person or someone who prefers their yolks intact (but still smooth!), quail eggs are just like regular eggs when it comes to prep… just a smaller version!

Boiled eggs are perfect for salads, which is why we’ve compiled so many of them in our recipe library!

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want a salad, we also have the best quail egg salad recipe here.

poutine with quail eggs

3. Poached (you know, the ooey-gooey way to cook ‘em.)

Why is this method of cooking called “poaching”? ‘Cause you wanna steal the eggs off of everyone else’s plates, that’s why. (It actually comes from the French word for “pouch.”)

Poached eggs are the star of the show in these mini quail eggs bennies and this brunch poutine (you read that right).

They’re also the prime ingredient in this green pea soup with quail eggs. It’s like potato and leek soup, but with peas and poached eggs. Comfort food, baby!

4. Scrambled — straight up and simple.

Want some straight-up scrambled quail eggs? Two ways to do it perfectly, right here.

They’re also killer in this simple breakfast burrito or in this kick-butt fried rice recipe!

5. Pickled — for those after new dimensions of flavour!

Last but certainly not least, the humble pickled quail egg is versatile and, well, you don’t have to make them if you don’t want to, seeing as we sell them pre-pickled from our farm!

Here are three ways to promptly serve up these pickled eggs and make mouths water with ‘em.

You get the point, right?

Quail eggs are your new favourite egg, and if they’re not, they will be… once you try some of the recipes above!

But don’t let these hold you back. You can freestyle and use these eggs however you want to!

You can even bake with them. We’ve done muffins and squares with them to much acclaim, but rather than link all of the recipes here, you can find them yourself in our extensive recipe library.

If for some reason you’re living without quail eggs in your life, find a store now!

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